Cottage Eight

2+2 guests

1 loft

1 bathroom

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Warm and small

Cottage Eight is one of the smaller cottages and is perfect for two. An old fireplace makes the atmosphere even more intimate and cosy, inviting guests to cuddle up on the sofa and enjoy cold winter days watching the snowy view outside while listening to the crackle of fire.

The sofa bed also doubles up as a bed, but the main sleeping area is upstairs on the mezzanine which is accessible by steep steps.

Cottage Eight has its own sauna and an outside charcoal grill, for that truly Finnish cottage holiday experience. The veranda is facing in the opposite direction than the other cottages giving it more privacy.

Aurantola’s cosy cottages are situated in a parklike grove of birch trees by the lake, 500 m from the main building. The ten cottages share the sunny and sandy beach which is about 100 metres from the cottages. Gradually deepening waters make it perfect for all ages. The beach also has a beach volleyball court and some rowing boats which are free to use. Nearby, there is a nice barbecue hut, also shared between the cottages.

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