Things to do in the area

Activities in nature, day trips and much more

Sauna by the lake

Aurantola has a spacious sauna by the lake on the main land opposite the cottages. The sauna can be hired by the hour. It is a very atmospheric sauna with its own pier, so you can dip into the cool water straight from the heat, like a true Finn. The pier has a couple of benches and steps leading into the water, for that perfect moment of relaxation.

In addition to the sauna itself, there is a cosy, equally atmospheric sitting room with a fireplace and plenty of space to relax with an ice-cold beer or a face mask in-between each sauna visit. The room continues outside, where on a nice wooden terrace overlooking the lake sits an outside table with chairs. The view is simply indescribable.

Sauna prices:
Family sauna (1-5 persons) 25 € / hour
Sauna for a larger group of people (6-10 persons) 50 € / hour
(For over-night guests and frequent visitors reduced prices. Ask at the reception.)

Sports and rentals

Aurantola offers excellent opportunities for sports and things to do in nature. Since the cottages are situated by the lake, swimming, fishing and other activities in water will make any summer holiday an unforgettable and most importantly enjoyable experience.

Those looking for an adrenaline rush can rent canoes and stand up paddle boards. You can row or paddle to several other lakes and rivers, as well as nature locations.

Fishing is another exciting activity. Aurantola is located on the shores of Lake Karijärvi which has excellent fishing waters. A rowing boat is included in the price of each cottage. The same boat is equally perfect for a nice lake cruise on a hot summer day.

Other activities include bike riding, beach volleyball and other outdoor games. There are some bikes and games available for free at the manor. Why not take a ride or a walk around the area and take in authentic sights of Finnish countryside? They can be quite breath-taking.

Activities in nature

Aurantola is only a small drive away from some of the absolute must-see nature locations in Kymenlaakso region.

First, there is the national park Repovesi (44km drive), offering several hiking trails of various difficulties and lengths. Surrounded by water, the park has truly fantastic views of the area, especially if you climb up the ridges—don’t worry, most of them have accessible steps. Another highlight is undoubtedly the Lapinsalmi Bridge—at 55m long, it hangs 12m above the water. In Repovesi, you can enjoy Finnish nature, from flora to fauna, at its finest—wild, but safe to explore. And to make your trip all the more enjoyable, there are campfire and resting spots throughout the park. Aside from hiking, Repovesi can be enjoyed on a bike or from the water. There are several companies offering their services and rentals, from canoeing to fat bikes.

Another sight to see is Hiidenvuori hill (30km drive), rising 60m above the Kymijoki river. It is an ancient place that has been shaped by the ice age and has therefore been taking people’s breaths away for thousands of years. Its age shows in every step you take—from the massive mountain ridges, to the impossibly tall trees. In summer, Hiidenvuori is a hub of activity, the highlight being a music concert up on the hill, at night. But Hiidenvuori itself is a year-round treasure that can be explored on foot, on a bike or from the water. It is accessible from several entry points. There is a pier for swimming, campfire shelter for picnics, as well as two eco-toilets.

Heisanharju Ridge (25km drive) is another natural beauty waiting to be explored. It is a nature reserve with plenty of opportunities for leisure, from the gorgeous hiking trail to the waters swimming with fish that can be caught and prepared right there on the campfire. The berries and the mushrooms picked in the same forest make Heisanharju all the more perfect for a family picnic. There is a recreation area where you fill find a reservation hut and an open hut together with fireplaces, a set of table and chairs, a well, eco-toilet, a woodshed, a swimming platform and two rowing boats.

But should you want to experience nature a little bit closer—as in, right next to the cottage—there are two lean-tos on Aurantola land, with benches and campfire spots. Head there with your family or friends and enjoy a nice picnic as if you were in a national park, just slightly closer. The lakeview is certainly no less beautiful or real.

Day trip ideas

Only 20km drive from Aurantola there is a UNESCO World Heritage site­–The Verla Mill Museum. It is a truly one-of-a-kind place where culture, history, architecture and nature all come together to paint a wonderful picture of a development phase in Finland’s history. The mill museum has guided tours, but the museum is only a part of everything the area has to offer. From wine shops to local artisans’ workshops, it is a full-day adventure for the whole family.

The centre of Kouvola is 40km from Aurantola. Kouvola will delight families with kids, as it has both an aqua park and a theme park called Tykkimäki. But others will find plenty to do as well. Shopping enthusiasts should head straight to the shopping center Veturi, where most of Finland’s popular chain stores can be found, with the addition of several cafes, restaurants and a movie theatre. Lovers of culture and history, on the other hand, should check out Kouvola’s museum quarter as well as Kasarminmäki neighbourhood, where the city’s history bursts through the buildings and the tiny artsy stores with handcrafted items for sale.

Other activities in the area