Sauna caravan – accommodation for two

for two

double bed

composting toilet

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The sauna caravan is located in its own privacy right on the shore of Lake Karijärvi. The caravan has large landscape windows towards the lake and its own pier from which you can go swimming. In addition to the sauna, the caravan has a double bed, an atmospheric fireplace and a kitchen. The sauna has a wood-burning stove and a water tank for heating water. For the sauna, water is carried from the lake. Clean drinking water comes from the kitchen tap. 

The kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator, basin, tap, stove and kettle. There is a French press for making coffee, a saucepan, a frying pan, a cutting board, knives, a frying pan, BBQ tongs, sausage sticks, biodegradable disposable dishes and detergents. The sauna also has biodegradable detergents. Next to the sauna caravan there is a lean-to with a barbecue area in front of it. 

The price includes sheets and towels as well as final cleaning. Breakfast can be ordered separately. 

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